Thursday, February 24, 2011

Democrats use SB5 to raise funds, then get furious that Kasich uses SB5 to raise funds

Democrats and the left started tweeting a couple of days ago about a fund-raising email sent out by the Kasich camp that references Senate Bill 5, in addition to other issues.

The Ohio Democratic Party tweeted this:

An Ohio left-wing blog tweeted and posted this:

Outrageous! Unbelievable! The Democrats would NEVER do that!

Right, Chris Redfern?

Right sore loser Ted Strickland?


I'd also like to hear someone explain to me how John Kasich "attacked" the people who demonstrated at the Statehouse.

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  1. You mean other than having the Patrol lock them out citing bogus "safety" concerns or having Keeling his deputy press secretary spread a false rumor on the Internet that union folks defecated throughout the Statehouse?

    Or how about how he's attacking their livelihood?

  2. No Modern, not your straw man attempts to define an attack.

    Show me in the email where he attacks them.


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