Friday, February 25, 2011

Ohio's Senator Portman delivers this week's GOP address

Our new Senator was chosen to give the address this week. He brings up a good point halfway in about the President's Debt Commission. When he formed the commission, he said the time of kicking the can down the road was over. Yet, in his new budget last week, he ignored every single recommendation made by the bipartisan commission HE created. He continues to kick the can, with $1 trillion-plus deficits for years to come.

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  1. Oh and the 60 billion in cuts proposed by republicans was so much closer to resolving the $1 trillion+ short-fall. Not going to cut the social security and medicare of your tea party pals? (they're the biggest Welfare Queens of all time).

  2. Your comment's stupidity speaks for itself.

    The $60bil cut is only for the remaining part of the current fiscal year budget that your dems were supposed to pass last year and punted.

    AND your Dems who control the Senate are already saying they won't pass it with the $60bil in cuts. So how do you propose they cut more?


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