Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's not gonna be on MY watch

Some great excerpts from Governor Kasich's speech to the Rotary Club of Toledo and Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce on Monday. Kasich spoke about Ohio's lack of competitiveness, the budget situation and the public sector union issue. Some favorite quotes below the video embed.

We face an $8 billion budget deficit and that makes everybody shudder, I guess, except for me. You know why? Because the fact of the matter is, we have to deal with it.

You want me to make us less competitive and raise taxes? It's not gonna be on my watch. Because I'm not gonna put Ohio further in the ditch. I will not be a part of it.

What we want to do is restructure this government and give a very clear message to the business community in our state and the business community around this country that Ohio is open for business and we mean to create jobs. Plain and simple.

It's refreshing to hear a governor take these issues head on, right out of the gate. John Kasich doesn't seem to be afraid of the huge task ahead of him, and he isn't looking for bailouts from the federal government, either.

His critics don't like his blunt, no-nonsense talk about these issues. Perhaps because they aren't accustomed to an Ohio Governor actually showing strong leadership.


  1. Good.

    Plus, at some point, I hope he says 'profit is not a dirty word in Ohio'.

  2. Who's said profit is a dirty word in Ohio? Nobody.

    Enjoy Mr. 30% Approval rating while he lasts.

  3. Oh Modern, you slay me. You are so predictable and never afraid to make a fool of yourself, are you?

    Didn't the same poll show only a 22% disapproval rating, for an overall +8% difference?

    Didn't the remainder of the people answer they they didn't yet know enough to say they approved or disapproved, which is perfectly understandable for a poll taken A WEEK after the inauguration?

    Didn't the same exact poll show that 59% of Ohioans are optimistic about the next 4 years with Kasich as governor? And only 29% are pessimistic?

    Why.... yes it did.

    Modern Esquire, cherry picking the numbers and hiding the whole story. The progressive way.

    Why did you drop the Esquire? Did you resign as a lawyer to troll the blogs and newspaper websites full time?


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