Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mt. McKinley makes people think of Ohio, or something

Guest posted by Bytor

Our Northeast Ohio Congressmen sure are going after the important issues, aren't they?

Ohio Reps. Tim Ryan and Betty Sutton, a Democrat and a Republican, introduced a bill Friday to retain the name of Mount McKinley, the same measure that a member of the Ohio delegation has introduced every two years for 30 years.

Introducing the bill means that legislation is pending about the name of the mountain and the federal policy is that the U.S. Board of Geographic Names doesn't consider name change proposals, such as the one to change the name to Denali, while legislation is pending.

President William McKinley hailed from northeast Ohio, which is why the Ohio lawmakers are interested in what the Alaska mountain is called. The bill is H.R. 247.

Silly. In other news, Betty is a Republican now?

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