Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exclusive 3BP Q&A with Congressman Steve Stivers

Congressman Steve Stivers, who represents Ohio's 15th district, took questions from us here at Third Base Politics, and answered them on video from Washington. Topics discussed include the Ryan budget, the debt ceiling debate, defense spending, Obamacare repeal and others.

Click the video to watch.

The Congressman's answers are music to this conservative's ears. Those of you fortunate readers in the 15th district are well represented. He and his GOP colleagues in the House are on the right track to getting our national fiscal policy back into one of sanity. Of course, President Obama and the Senate are standing in their way. We have a very good chance of capturing the Senate in 2012, and Obama will also be beatable. Be sure to get involved and support Steve or your district's GOP candidate.

We thank Congressman Stivers and his Communications Director, Courtney, for reaching out to us. We'd love to do it again in the future. I'm sure our readers feel the same.

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  1. Wow I cant believe some saw this as I did one the European system. I think We do need lase government in our personal lives and lease corporates in our government. The Government needs to get back to protecting the Consumer.. Instead off taxing us and passing that money back to corporates in the shape off tax breaks and or bail outs. We should not forget some off this debt is from bail outs. and taxes brakes on which as we found out most off the money just goes to the upper man in the from off party vacation and bonus's. I bring the example off the bail out to the care company's and the on top off that the 3,000.00 junk program.. OK you need a bail out we gave it too you know you have more bail out in the form off $3,000.00 junk program. But I remember before all this Car dealers would offer you $3,000.00 for your car anyways so I ask why did we the tax payers have to pay them three times. 1st pay ( bail out ) 2nd pay $3,000.00 ) third pay buying the cars that we pay for in the first two pays. yet the still laid off and close down factors in Ohio. So who do you think made out on that..


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