Friday, June 10, 2011

Sherrod Doesn't Share Your Priorities

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, as intelligent and forthright as Sherrod Brown is ignorant and dishonest, has a plan for the biggest issues concerning Ohio voters. Ryan’s ongoing video series explaining his budget plan manages the rare feat of being both sharp and blunt:

Naturally, although Sherrod Brown has no plan of his own he’s happy to repeat his all-purpose demagogic response:

In the twenty-first century, we cannot afford to take from the poor to give to the rich.

Sherrod Brown’s response to every problem – unemployment, entitlement spending, gas prices, you name it – is bigger government and higher taxes. Have you passed your deficit-reduction suggestions along to Harry Reid, Senator? Maybe your sage advice could break your party’s years-long case of budget writer’s block!

Watch Paul Ryan explain the GOP budget, and look for a reply from Sherrod Brown that’s not lazy, naked class warfare. When that reply never comes, ask yourself: does Sherrod share my priorities?

It’s hard to imagine a conclusion other than this: Ohio needs a senator much more like Paul Ryan, and much less like Sherrod Brown. November 2012 will be here sooner than you think!

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  1. Well done. Ohio proved that it's center-right State (unless they have changed their mind because of Mean old Kasich). Sherrod Brown is tied with others as the most liberal senator in the COUNTRY!

  2. Excellent article! Of course, the future is never certain in politics. But right now, I do not see Brown surviving a contest with a bona fide conservative opponent who runs a proper campaign. Unless things change dramatically Brown will be micturating into the wind because the "turn out to turn out" President Odufus should be impressive.


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