Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ted Strickland won't rule out running again

Ted Strickland was back in the Statehouse today for the unveiling of his portrait. (Which looks very nice, by the way. Leslie Adams did another fine job.)

Afterwards, with the press, the subject of returning to his old job was brought up.
Strickland's speech was mostly of thanks and void of politics.

But after the event, he told reporters he's not "ruling out anything in the future" when questions arose about the possibility of challenging Gov. John Kasich in 2014.

The Republican Kasich defeated Strickland by two points last November.

"Like I've said on numerous occasions, life is good for me," Strickland said. "I worry about so many people who are finding it very, very difficult because of the economy. As I've said, life unfolds and I try not to predict the future."

Yes! Maybe he can bring back the 3C slow-speed train! Let's return to the days of bleeding jobs to other states! Oooh, I hope he brings Jobs Czar Lee Fisher back with him! Our savior returns in 2014!!

Well, time will tell, folks. It would certainly be an interesting race, and much fun to blog! We'd have 2 4-year records to compare. 2014 is a long way off. Ted's record is history. John Kasich's is still being written.

Back to the portrait ceremony, some liberals are actually criticizing Kasich for not attending today because he was busy attending to state business. Just like when Ted Strickland couldn't attend Bob Taft's portrait unveiling in 2007 because he was...busy attending to state business.

Give me a break. For one thing, if Kasich had attended, the press would've turned it into a political event. Furthermore, Ted Strickland has been the one out denouncing his successor and calling him names in classic sore loser sour grapes fashion, and it's Kasich who's being classless?

Governor Kasich showed class by NOT attending and letting Ted Strickland enjoy a special day without the contentiousness that the two of them in the same room would have brought.

Hey, if Ted Strickland was ever governor again, would he get another portrait? Hmmm...

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  1. Although Ted didn't attend Taft's, he did send his wife despite the fact that Strickland beat up on the Taft Administration during much of the 2006 campaign.

    Kasich sent nobody because he's a sore winner who can't handle criticism and has yet to have an approval rating that can touch Strickland's. Heck, at this point in their terms, Strickland's approval rating among REPUBLICANS is better than Kasich's among Republicans.

  2. Oooo he sent his wife. Big deal.

    Besides, Taft was not defeated by Strickland, nor did he go out badmouthing Strickland on a constant basis.

    There is WAY more acrimony between Kasich and Ted then there EVER was between Taft and Ted. It would have put a lot of tension in the room is Kasich has shown up.

    Kasich stayed away and let Ted have his day. That was entirely gracious and appropriate.

    If he had shown up, you would have found some way to criticize him for that, too.

    This ia a transparent attack without substance, Modern, and you know it. Which is why you're attempting to change the subject, as usual.

  3. Please! Can't he just get a job with Obama. Oh, I forgot that they turned him down. We need more Strikland like we need more Sherrod Brown.

  4. Sorry Ted-Doooo no cigar -- you will not be pulling a "Rhodes" any time soon I think. Big Jim almost did it twice but the voters opted for the left-wing puke Celeste which of course gave us four more years of his communist wife also.

    I hope, in the end, I will someday be forgiven for being a member of "Students for Gilligan" -- a youthful transgression for sure!

    But I got smart soon enough NOT to support his re-election though!

  5. Yeah, so angry, Kasich had one of his former political aides turned uber-lobbyist outside of the event taking names down of anyone who went to the Strickland event.

    Ted Strickland hasn't said anything about this Administration that isn't a widely accepted view. Kasich could have sent his wife or Mary Taylor, or his chief-of-staff and shown that he is willing to raise above partisan politics. He didn't because he can't.

    He's a petty, temper-tantrum baby masquarading as a Governor. It's sad that our system doesn't allow Ohioans to reverse the mistake they made in 2010 until 2014. But they will.

    Who knows what Taft said about the Strickland Administration, it's not like anyone would have care what Mr. 17% approval rating thought. Strickland, on the other hand, lost a close election due to low turnout and an unnaturally high GOP tide.

    The fact is that Kasich could have sent someone in his Administration or said something gracious (or had Nichols do it), but he didn't.

  6. Modern: "Strickland, on the other hand, lost a close election due to low turnout and an unnaturally high GOP tide."

    One can only wonder what caused this preternatural happening. A phase of the moon perhaps? A rare planetary configuration? No, I think not! It was the overwhelming collective guilt by thousands of Ohioans who realized that Stickland was better than we deserved.


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