Monday, July 13, 2009

EDITORIAL: Gov. Stricktaft is a Huge Schmuck

Honestly, that's the only headline that could have been more harsh than the below editorial that actually ran in yesterday's Dayton Daily News.

Check it out.

Some other highlights, pending your point of view, from the editorial...
"There is so much wrong with [Strickland's permitting of slot machines] that it’s hard to know where to begin."
"Ohioans have voted against casino-style gambling four times in the last 19 years. That the governor thinks he can dismiss those powerful statements — unilaterally — is amazing for someone who fancies himself humble."
"There is absolutely no reason to believe that the governor’s people have thought of everything they should have to protect the interests of Ohio or local communities."

"With the governor’s effort to blanket the state with these places, what we have is a desperate leader proving his unwillingness to use his bully pulpit to speak truth to taxpayers.

And who knows whether the state will ever be able to undo all the ways in which we will surely get snookered.

This is not the Ted Strickland Ohio elected."


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