Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Open Letter to Birthers

Dear Idiots Who Won't Let the Obama Birth Certificate Thing Go,

Stop it.

Listen, I understand how you feel about the President. I'm with ya. His policies, if fully enacted, have the potential to damage our nation in ways that will take years, if not decades, to recover.

But in a time when Republicans actually are winning the issue debate, you're inane obsession is damaging our message and making us look like extremists with no viable alternative ideas.

Let's say you win. After all the legal battles are over with you are able to prove that Barack Obama is ineligible for the Presidency. What happens then?

Well first, it's impossible to gauge how long it would take to win such a monumental legal battle, but we do know it would take a ridiculously long time. Two years? Four?

Great. So in a time when Americans approve of the President, but are turning on his policies, you give Democrats a rallying cry and turn independents against us. The political capital gained by removing Obama from power would give President Biden.......[pardon me while I give myself the sign of the cross].....the kind of political capital not seen since LBJ took over for Kennedy.

Republicans finally have a chance to prove that unchecked liberal power yields nothing but negative results for our country.

Don't take that opportunity away from us.


DJ Tablesauce

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  1. Interesting post. I've read more than one Birther comment that "by law" McCain would become president and Palin VP if Obama's election was somehow voided. These people are beyond delusional.

    Do not underestimate the basic racism and xenophobia at work within the Birther movement. Obama is not one of "them". He does not look like one of them.

    Do not underestimate too the damage the Birther movement risks doing to the American political process. The soft-support the Birthers get in particular from GOP congressmen, Fox News, Lou Dobbs, et al. is only further poisoning the well of what passes for American political debate.

    Maybe that's all these people want?


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