Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here it comes.

As first reported on 3BP last month, and for better or worse, former Senator Mike DeWine is running for Ohio AG.

Rumor is his official announcement is coming next week in Greene County. Keep an eye out.


  1. He was leading by 11 points in june 06

    he lost by 12 in nov 06, to sherrod brown, who nobody south of us30 had ever heard of

    why is dewine the savior, again?

    don't tell me "democrat year" Mary Taylor won, coming outta nowhere

  2. Not sure anyone ever referred to him as a "savior".

    Only reason I wouldn't mind him is a selfish one. Since he has his own fundraising base, he wouldn't pull money that could go to Kasich from the Party and other organizations. Yost, on the other hand, would need quite a bit of help to give Cordray a challenge.

    If all things were equal, I'd easily choose Yost.


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