Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Wilbur, you're an idiot.

I can't believe this crap.

Today, a Friday, one of the worst news days of the week, Democrats have scheduled a vote to spend $700 million on horses.


Here's a breakdown provided by the House GOP on what the bill does.

And here's a screencap from the House Dem Whip website that urges Democrat Members to vote yay.

Republicans, of course, are urged to vote NAAAAAAYYYY.

But seriously, the audacity of Democrats to consider something like this essential spending at any time, let alone in the middle of one of the country's worst economic disasters, is mindboggling.

What say you? Try sharing this with your lib friends. Ask them if this is the change they voted for, and wait for the sarcastic deflection in return.

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