Monday, July 6, 2009

What a Fourth.

Instead of Independence Day it became more of a 'There Goes My Independence" Day.

DJ Tablesauce got engaged.

As you can see, I'm definitely marrying up.

Sorry for the scarce posting over the weekend, but as you can imagine things were pretty hectic. I'll do what I can for the rest of the week to mourn Sarah Palin's political idiocy.


  1. Congrats sir. Hope the two of you are happy forever.

    As for Palin, it was political idiocy, assuming that she wants to stay in politics. I'm thinking she is going to host a talk show of some sort and end up being like a conservative version of Oprah. Not saying that to be a smartass, just saying that it seems that she has something besides politics up her sleeve

  2. Congrats! I saw this picture on Facebook... Heather and Ed D' put it up. You are marrying up and I did not realize who wrote this blog... This is one of my faves!

    Good to see a fellow product of Worthington Schools doing so well!

    WKHS Class of '92


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