Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liberals know Ted Strickland would've made cuts too, right?

Visit any liberal Ohio-based political website today, and its amazing to see how many attacks are aimed at Governor Kasich over the new budget proposal.



These people are not stupid. They know, of course, that Ohio's budget is required to be balanced. Don't they?

Here's what I would like to hear from them. Where are your ideas?

Let's say Ted Strickland won last November. Let's pretend he's still governor. Ok, liberals? Close your eyes... Put yourself in your warm, happy place, and imagine Ted Strickland is still governor. Are you there? I see you smiling. Good. Now, remember this:


So, how would he have done it, smarties?

Kasich didn't get the stimulus money that fell into Ted's lap, but kept the basic state funding of K-12 education the same. Where would you get the money to make up the difference?

You're decrying the cuts to local governments. What would Ted Strickland have done differently?

There isn't a cut in this budget that you haven't represented as the veritable end of the state's existence. So...what would Ted have cut?

Because if you don't like the cuts, you're going to have to raise taxes, libs. Now, I know some of you like that idea. But you are the same people that are also attacking Kasich saying that he violated his no tax pledge because its just going to cause local governments to raise taxes.

So please, by all means, show us how Turnaround Ted would have done it.

I'd like to see one of these libs be intellectually HONEST and say, "Well, Ted Strickland would have had to make cuts too."

But we won't. Because its all about the attack. In case you haven't figured it out by now, here's a clue.

John Kasich isn't afraid of your attacks, your polls, your unions or your threats. He's moving forward to get this state working again. It's been a long time since we had a governor with a PLAN, and who wasn't too timid and too tied to union special interests to move forward.

I'd stay out of the way if I were you.

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  1. ---Deep breath--- you hear that? That's a nice breath of fresh air. Love what you're doing man keep it up.

  2. LOL... the conservative response to Kasich's budget is to claim this is what Strickland would have done?!?! I thought Kasich was supposed to be so much more awesome than Strickland?

    Now that you're getting some criticism you want to run and play WWSD?

    I know this you lying hack who wants to pretend that Kasich is increasing education funding for schools when every dime and $20 million of Kasich's so-called "increase" is eatened up by charter schools and vouchers.

    Strickland wouldn't have done anything different? Funny because I'm pretty sure Kasich's budget has been all about changing how Strickland was funding the schools.

    Get it through that thick partisan head. You can't blame Kasich's budget on Ted Strickland anymore. The campaign is over.

    You guys just can't handle not being in the cheap seats anymore. Welcome to governing.

  3. Well, we know Strickland would have paid his top people less money. Because he did:

    So there's that.

  4. Hi Modern. It seems you are having difficulty managing your multiple accounts again. I suggest this product for you.

    Since you are in a perpetual state of liberal rage, you have missed the point.

    I'm not running from this budget. I think its terrific given the situation the state is in. And nowhere in the post do I blame TS for anything.

    The point is that clowns like you are pointing out every single cut and blasting it a horrible, when you KNOW that your guy would have made cuts, too. He would have had no choice.

    Different cuts, yes, of course. But no matter WHERE the cuts are in this budget, you portray them as some evil Kasich plot to destroy the state.

    You're being intellectually dishonest and you know it.

    So, keep knocking down those straw men and calling me names, Modern. Its amusing to watch you throw your sore loser temper tantrums.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Look, I'm sorry, I can't get past the hissy you threw in this post. Yeah, Ted would have made cuts, but AS YOU YOURSELF ADMIT, they wouldn't be where Kasich is cutting.

    So now that we've established that yes, Strickland would have submitted a budget, you can stop whining about us criticizing Kasich for the choices he made in cutting certain areas of the budget.

    Also, we're STILL waiting for an explanation as to what happened to that $8 billion "projected" deficit given that Kasich's budget increases total spending for the State $7 BILLION.

    Never before in the history of Ohio have we spent as much money as Kasich's budget calls for. And yet, he's cutting school funding to levels what they were PRE-STIMULUS. Massive cuts in higher education, and a raid of money at the expense of schools and local governments.

    I'll say it again because you apparently missed this part in your fauning over Kasich. He's spending more money than Ted Strickland did.

  6. Sorry, that should be school funding BELOW what there were even pre-stimulus.


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