Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Union protesters threaten and bully citizen filming Columbus rally. "I'll break your g----m neck"

On the heels of our previous posts about union threats and harassment, here is fresh video courtesy of the conservative website Truth about Bills.

The group was in Columbus to film the union rally today and were repeatedly harassed. Watch this first video where the individual is using his phone to take some video of the rally, and several union members surround him and keep trying to knock the phone out of his hand or take it from him.

In this video, a man wearing a Teamsters jacket threatens the person holding the camera phone and tells him if he sticks his phone in his face, he'll "break his g-d neck." The video is clear, however. The union thug approached the person holding the phone from a distance, and put his own face in the camera, not the other way around.

*Warning* Explicit language

A Teamster threatening somebody with violence. Seriously, does it get any more stereotypical than this?

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  1. A union jacket is no proof of union membership. And there has been a lot of sub-rosa chat about "stirring up trouble" in these public meetings among right-wing talk show hosts.

  2. Puh-lease. If you think that guy isn't union, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interested in.

  3. We have been to Columbus twice to counter the union protests. Their behavior is very unnerving. I reached my limit when I was surrounded in the packed rotunda confronted by an admitted drunk fireman hurling obscenities at me while a big burly guy moved thru the tea party group bumping into us trying to cause a ruckus. I will stay outside from now on where there will be a better chance for escape. I'll still carry my sign that caused such vitriol, "Tough Love, Pass SB 5."

  4. Danger

    Union Protesters Working


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