Friday, March 11, 2011

Chris Redfern attempts to rewrite the legacy of Ted Strickland

The Ohio Democratic Party just sent an email out yesterday that is absolutely laughable. Chairman Chris Redfern, Ohio's most prominent pirate, is hard at work trying to repair Ted Strickland's legacy. In fact, they are actually having an event called the "2011 Legacy Dinner". Read on.
Dear Supporter,

There is no greater contrast in leadership than that between Ted Strickland and John Kasich.
This is one of the rare occasions where Redfern and I agree. Everyone knows Ted's leadershipship was one of timidity. The Plain Dealer, not exactly a font of conservative thought, said so itself.

Governor Kasich started attacking Ohio's unfriendliness to business, and thus, JOBS, before he was even sworn in. His agenda is bold and agressive. Ironically enough, the left mocks this and calls him "King John". I guess they'd prefer to go back to "Timid Ted."
One governor worked to create jobs here in Ohio. The other sent jobs to other states.
Wait, I thought Redfern was on Ted's side. Why would he point this out?

But since he brought it up, why did Ted Strickland allow NCR to move to another state? Why didn't he act like Governor Kasich, who recently worked with American Greetings and Bob Evans, and successfully kept their jobs in Ohio?
One governor was committed to open government. The other runs government in the dark.
Yes! Troopergate was an excellent example of this!
One governor respected Ohioans from all walks of life. The other surrounds himself with people who look and think just like him.
A Democrat just wouldn't be allowed to keep his membership card without the obligatory flashing of the race card, would he? *Yawn*
One governor took care of the most vulnerable among us. The other proposes tax cuts for his wealthy friends at the expense of middle class Ohioans.
Aaaand the class warfare card comes out as well. Chris forgot to mention that Ted Strickland raised income taxes on ALL Ohioans.
We will honor the legacy of Governor Ted Strickland and all that he did for this state at our 2011 Legacy Dinner on Saturday, March 19. The event will take place at the Columbus Renaissance at 50 North Third Street in Columbus.
All that he did? Seriously?
They're going to honor the $8 billion deficit Ted left us with? They're going to honor the 100s of 1000s of jobs that left under his watch?
They're going to honor the continuation of Ohio's slide down the crapper among our competitiveness with other states?
As we honor Governor Strickland, we must continue to hold John Kasich accountable. Next week, Gov. Kasich will unveil his two-year budget in which we expect deep cuts to vital services in Ohio.
Yes, Chris. We all expect deep cuts in spending. The budget is required to be balanced by Ohio's constitution. In other news, water is wet.
He is holding a town hall meeting in Columbus at which he will discuss his budget and the deep cuts it will include. We urge you to attend.
Ha! See what I mean! He's having a public town hall meeting about the new budget! I told you he runs government in the dark!
We hope you can attend Gov. Kasich’s town hall and tell him not to balance Ohio’s budget on the backs of middle class families. And we hope to see you March 19 for the 2011 Legacy Dinner.
Yes, we wouldn't want him to raise taxes on middle-class families like Ted Strickland did, would we?


  1. Nice job, but the Lefties among us will not get it. They will be too busy protesting at the State House on behalf of wages and mean 'the children'.

  2. I think it's adorable that you think John Kasich SAVED Bob Evans and American Greetings from moving out of Ohio.

    American Greetings who only State it consider just jacked up their income tax... the very reason the company was complaining about Brooklyn, even though the company doesn't actually PAY the city's income tax. And then there's Bob Evans, which was considering Columbus and multiple suburbs of that town and apparently some land in Texas... a State it has NO restaurants.

    NCR was already mostly moved out BEFORE Strickland took office. Who held the Governor's office as NCR dismantled most of their operations in Dayton unchallenged? Oh yeah, the GOP.

    But yes, Strickland did work with American Greetings. That's why in Cleveland it was well known that the company had all but announced that it wasn't leaving the State... before the election.

    Ohio's economy is on the upswing, genius. Had been all last year. You need a new set of talking points. You've worn these out past all credibility.

  3. Haha yes it was so well known before the election that they waited until 4 months and a new governor later to say they were staying in ohio! Talk about adorable...You're as bad as redfern! Hysterical!


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