Thursday, March 31, 2011

SB5: It's done...for now

Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 5 earlier tonight. But, we know it isn't over.

The Democrats and the unions that facilitate their taxpayer funded money laundering operation will mount an effort to put the bill to a public referendum this fall.

The thought of government employees being on the same playing field alongside the private-sector employees who pay them is apparently too offensive for them. Or maybe they're just thinking of all the campaign contributions they stand to lose.

Either way, they will go all in on this effort. They are already asking for money to fund the effort. Expect to hear them continue to represent themselves as "protecting the middle class", even though they represent a single digit percentage of the middle class.

This could certainly be a busy campaign season for an off-year election.

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  1. Wow... feel the energy of excitement on the right over this bill...


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