Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why public-sector unions oppose Senate Bill 5

The union staff need the dues to afford fancy hotels like the Westin Columbus, where the rooms START at $200 per night.

Pretty sweet looking motor coach there...

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  1. Psst... genius, that doesn't mean anyone stayed there. It's a pretty common place for coaches to park while waiting for folks at the Statehouse. Those buses can't just sit at the Statehouse all day.

    Also, $200 for a hotel room in downtown Columbus ain't exactly Ritz Carlton prices, either.

  2. I agree with Modern on point two, but point one is incorrect.

    The bus was parked in the unloading zone and valet area of the Westin.

    One could only presume they were indeed staying there, no actual evidence, just assumption.

  3. Funny because when I rode a bus to attend a Statehouse protest to SB 5, that's where our bus went while we were there. And we didn't stay at the hotel. It was a one-day thing.


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