Thursday, December 8, 2011

According to Sherrod, Union Reform is Unchristian

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) isn’t merely the most extreme Progressive in the U.S. Senate, he’s also a religious scholar. Week in and week out, Sherrod preaches the Gospel of Progressivism: Greater love hath no man than he who gives generously from his neighbor’s purse.

Sherrod delivered a stirring speech on the Senate floor during the smear campaign against public union reform in Ohio:

In order to meet the week’s quota, Sherrod was obligated to say government union reform goes “against workers on behalf of the richest people in our country.” Too invested to stop at his usual class warfare, Sherrod had the audacity to attack Governor Kasich, Governor Walker, and Governor Christie for failing to meet what he claims as a Catholic standard.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Sherrod’s sermon about “fairness, and equality, and egalitarianism” has nothing to do with any of these things – and everything to do with union power.

This clip only gets more outrageous with additional context: Sherrod Brown is an ardent supporter of government-funded abortion. Paraphrasing Sherrod, I’m not gonna judge his faith – but I’m appalled at my senator’s willingness to cite Catholic literature for a partisan attack on conservatives. A certain carpenter would have something to say about the blameless guy throwing the first stone.

I don’t recall adherence to the AFL-CIO line as part of my Methodist confirmation. My maternal grandparents’ Lutheran church has never mentioned unsustainable government spending as a moral obligation (though in fairness I’ve only been there for Christmas Eve services).

Help me out, Catholic readers: Does Sherrod have a point, or is this just another low in a career of union pandering?

Transcript of the above C-SPAN 2 clip:
SHERROD BROWN: The Bible talks a lot about poverty, and a lot about fairness, and equality, and egalitarianism, if you will, and for them to go against workers on behalf of the richest people in our country – and that’s really what they’re doing in the governor’s office in Columbus, in Madison, in, in Trenton and other places. It runs counter, at least to my faith; I’m not gonna judge their faith, they can – they worship what god they worship, and they read what scripture they read – but, when you look at what, what my faith means, and whether – I’m, I’m, as I say, I’m a Lutheran, I’m not a Catholic, but you look at Leo the 13th and, and, and what he said about what Catholicism means for workers and fairness, uh, you know it’s, it’s, it’s uh, point, match, whatever – point, set, match.
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  1. he is deliberately twisting Catholic teachings, just like all dems do! Too many bishops and priests fall into line with being the religious arm of the DNC, and Brown is just following up! (Yes, I am a practicing Catholic, NOT a Kennedy/cafeteria Catholic)

  2. According to everyone, this blog is written by morons,

  3. There is a lot of socialist tendency in the Catholic hierarchy, and the Catholic clergy itself is essentially a socialist society, so this is a top-down mindset. The rank-and-file Catholics tend to go along with "what the church teaches" instead of what The Bible contains. If you want more examples of the twisting of Catholic doctrine into Leftist thought, check out proclamations from such ardent Catholics as Nancy Pelosi in addition to the esteemed Senator Brown.

    Oh, by the way, why do gutless people always post as "Anonymous"?

  4. I post as anon because Blogger is a site that has gotten slammed on multiple occasions, has nothing with being gutless, I just don't want multiple ads for sneakers showing up in my mail box like they did about a month ago...I don't troll like the other anons though


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