Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our guys vs. their guys

A look at December in Ohio.

What our guys did:

Governor Kasich helped businesses create more new high-paying jobs.

Steris creating 75 new manufacturing and engineering jobs.
Philips Healthcare adding 100 jobs averaging $115,000/yr.
Clermont County getting 575 new jobs at TQL.
Ford moves truck production from Mexico to Ohio.
Wendy's moves 170 jobs from Georgia to Ohio.

What they did:

Wrote a poem making fun of Governor Kasich for not bringing Sears to Ohio...after saying that Governor Kasich's efforts to bring Sears to Ohio were insane.

What our guys did:

Treasurer Josh Mandel's management of Ohio's bonds upgraded to the highest possible credit rating by Fitch.
Amidst yesterday's news of Fitch downgrading the United States' outlook from stable to negative, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is announcing Fitch giving the highest possible short term rating of F1+ for Ohio's general obligation (GO) bonds. Fitch credited the Ohio Treasurer's conservative investment strategy and careful financial management as key factors in making this decision.

What they did:

Ohio Democratic Party made a cartoon making fun of Mandel for his age and for wanting to continue serving his country in the Senate after serving his country in Iraq with the Marines.


  1. This perfectly defines the difference between the adults and the kids just trying to win power back.

  2. First of all, Josh Mandel's press release was in November, not December:

    Second, Fitch cited Ohio's historic trend of conservative management of its finances, citing how Ohio conducted itself during the recession as an example.

    Third, Fitch's rating didn't improve. Mandel maintained the same rating that Ohio had under Democratic State Treasurers. Yet, again, this site puts something out that is demonstratively false to try to fluff the achievements of Josh Mandel who has spent more time on his Senate campaign than his elected office.

    Yes, John Kasich has an impressive record providing private businesses with State tax dollars. And yet, it hasn't helped Ohio's economy much given that people are dropping out of the labor market in record numbers (two years removed from the recession, and more Ohioans have s topped looking for work under Kasich than under Strickland.) And Ohio's job creation has stalled. Some record.

  3. Typical. The us vs. them mentality pervades and continues to destroy Ohio.

  4. Yet another Bytor post that he refuses to correct despite being pointed out to be completely wrong.


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