Sunday, December 4, 2011

US Chamber of Commerce on Sherrod Brown

It's a bit telling that the biggest criticism Democrats have about this ad is the gritty photo of Sherrod Brown. The content of the ad? It's in the same spirit of our previous post. Brown talks about how he wants to create jobs for Ohioans, but his voting record is one that kills jobs. Watch the video and "like" it. Think Progress has libs incensed over the photo and is sending them to give it thumbs down.


  1. You are absolutely right on your assessment of Senator Brown. My experience in communicating with him is he answers about 25 % of his e-mails. Now , if I had a "D" behind my name, I'm certain his response times would be markedly different.

  2. And PolitiFact rates it as mostly false, which is still better than anything they've rated Josh Mandel has had to say lately.

    Enjoy your lying ads. It's all you have.


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