Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More on the Ford plant insourcing jobs from Mexico

Take a look at this video with more from the announcement yesterday.  Watch until the end, when a UAW union member explains how:
  1. The future of this plant was bleak
  2. They had committments in the past, but an announcement never materialized.
That is, until Governor Kasich came along, and committed his office to making Ohio business friendly again. They couldn't get a deal done in years past, until Governor Kasich came together with Ford. Right from the horse's mouth, folks.

It's a new day in Ohio.


  1. So its ok to use tax payer dollars to give breaks to corporations as long as they create jobs, but using tax payer dollars to give a teacher health insurance is the worst thing in the history of the universe

  2. Giving the company a tax break in exchange for 1000 jobs creates 1000 more taxable people. They pay state, federal and local taxes. Some may get off of Government support programs with the new job. Those people now have money to send at stores and businesses.

    Paying for 95% of a teachers health insurance, creates no jobs. Creates no new taxable workers, puts no new money into the community. It just forces new taxes on already hard working people.

    But why let the facts get in the way of your really weak and uneducated argument.

  3. Wow 1000 whole jobs when 9% of the state is unemployed? Woot, roll out the red carpet, the unemployment crisis in Ohio is over!

    Besides this is just going to employ 1000 UAW workers and as this site has pointed out, unions are evil...unless of course they make the guy that you are shilling for look good, then they are helping save the universe...

  4. Wow, plenty of moronic content in THAT comment. No wonder you stayed anonymous.

    Please provide a link to where we said unions are evil. Thanks!

    And no, we have a long way to go to climb out of the hole Ted and Baracky left Ohio in. But if you don't think announcements like this are good news, perhaps you are rooting for Ohio to fail?

  5. Not rooting for Ohio to fail, simply stating that 1000 jobs when almost 393000 people are claiming unemployment this month is like using a band aid to fix a shotgun blast

  6. So are you just waiting until some company comes by with a 393,000 person workforce? Fixing Ohio after what Ted did to it takes time. With efforts like what happened at Ford, we're clearly on the comeback and that should be commended.

  7. It really is good that these jobs are coming, however the press releases and the pandering from people like this site you would think that this is the greatest thing to happen in the history of the state. It's 1000 jobs, and yeah that's great, but its a freaking drop in the bucket.

  8. So, according to you, good news shouldn't be discussed.

    What an odd position.

  9. Good news can be discussed but not treated as if Christ himself came back. The way they are flogging this, you'd think that Ford was giving 100000 jobs to the state

  10. Where in this post or in the video do you see anything even close to the kind of claim that all is well?

  11. This post...the future of the plant was bleak, there were promises that never materialized...its like the tag line to a super hero movie. The plant was doomed until ONE MAN rode in to save the day...

  12. Quit moving the goalposts. First you were talking about Ohio, now the plant.

    And yes, the future was bleak. Everyone knew this plant was getting closed soon.

    Now the VP of Ford and a union guy said it wouldn't have happened without Kasich.

    Soooo yeah, Kasich did save the day for the workers at this plant.

  13. Dude, you're reaching.

    I live in NE Ohio, and the story of this deal is in every newspaper and ran on every evening news show.

    And what I said about the future of the plant being bleak came directly from a plant worker. I didnt make it up.

    Its obvious that good news for Ohio, while Kasich is governor, is bad news for you.

  14. Gotta love progressives. This guy would rather a family go without food than for positive news for a Republican Governor.

    1,000 jobs may not seem like a lot to you, but for the guy who was on unemployment and trying to figure out how to make it day to day, and just got a job, this is very welcome news.

    I would have welcomed anything like this under Strickland, he just didn't know how to make it happen. Good guy, just not up to the job.

    Good for these workers, good for Ford ( a great American company), and good for anyone involved who made this happen, repub or dem. It's Christmas, how about a little cheer???

  15. This is what I love about modern conservatives, they instantly make assumptions about anyone who dares disagree with them. Never once did I identify myself as a progressive or liberal, it was merely assumed because I disagree with celebrating getting 1000 jobs while letting chaquita get away taking their jobs it was simply a wash. It's great for the thousand people who are going to get jobs, but give Kasich credit for this is like giving Ronald McDonald credit when you get a good big mac. Bottom line is that George Voinavich is the last decent governor that this state had. Taft was a moron, strickland sucked and kasich is in over his head.


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