Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Doofus in DC...

3BP hasn't done this in awhile, and honestly is pessimistic whether a presser with the Prez will be worth it...but we're liveblogging this thing. Let's see how ticked off it makes us.

9:00 - All done. Thanks for following everyone. Time for some coffee.

8:59 - Nina Easton on Fox calls out Obama on the health care/deficit point I made earlier.

8:58 - Watch Krauthammer on Fox for a good post-presser analysis. That will be the one to hear.

8:57 - This WAS a question about Israel and Palestine, right?

8:57 - No, Mr. President, we didn't expect Iran to give away their Nuke efforts. We did expect them to say Death to America. Which they did.

8:56 - "Inheriting naughty problems..." Did I hear that right?

8:55 - Pretty damn boring for the only real foreign policy question of the night. Nothing about the increased aggression from Russia and China? Even with Biden's pre-election prediction of Obama being tested? Nothing about Iran? Really, MSM?

8:52 - Israel/Palestine question is the last one. Meh.

8:51 - Great follow-up by the Times' kid.

8:50 - "If the science determines we can avoid [using embryonic stem cells], then great." There's your challenge, America. Let's show him.

8:49 - Props to the Times reporter bringing up adult stem cells and their success vs. embryonic stem cells. Too bad it was phrased in a way that will let Obama weasel out of acknowledging it.

8:47 - Washington Times question? Oooo. That's a surprise.

8:46 - Ann Compton brings up race. This is just pathetic.

8:44 - What do you say to homeless children? Here, Mr. President. Use this.

8:43 - "Evidence suggests that charitable giving tax won't damage donations." I'd LOVE to see that evidence.

8:42 - Thinking back to the Ed Henry response...I wonder if it takes the President two days to understand everything. How the spork works...how to work without a teleprompter, etc. etc.

8:40 - Mike Allen of Politico couldn't look more nervous. Hysterical.

8:38 - I'm better at this than Bill Schneider.

8:36 - "Why did you wait days to express that outrage?" Blam.

8:35 - There is not a runaway deficit in your budget because of health care alone. Hopefully the press doesn't let him redefine the debate in this way.

8:33 - We know it's hard. No one is claiming otherwise. We're just asking for some responsibility.

8:32 - Calllllled out by Ed.

8:31 - Obama calling on the smaller market media outlets. Clearly chosen because he knows what kinda question they will ask. Smart politically, but rascally.

8:29 - Kevin from Stars & Stripes: Your suit is awful.

8:28 - He named the President of Mexico. Show-off.

8:27 - Lourdes getting the call from the "probably didn't win an Academy Award" seats.

8:25 - "This budget is no big deal in regards to the deficit because we'll have other budgets."

Uh, what?

8:24 - Good followup, Chip. Don't count on an answer.

8:22 - Girlfriend: "Zzzzzzz."

8:21 - Folks are gonna to rip apart the 'cut deficit in half' comment tomorrow.

8:21 - Blame the other guy, eh? Man up, Mr. President.

8:20 - Wow. This guy picks up where Judd Gregg left off on Sunday. Wish he would have mentioned Gregg.

8:20 - Couldn't hear Tapper's followup, but Obama looked away hoping to avoid it. Wuss.

8:18 - Obama totally sidestepped Tapper's question. Color me shocked. I think that looks mauve.

8:16 - Tapper asks about phasing out the middle class tax cut. Gonna be interesting to see if Obama allows a follow-up.

8:15 - The Tapp Man! Woo!

8:14 - Chuck, shush.

8:13 - By the way, Chuck Todd....that was such a lame question. Obama is doing a good job of unnecessarily overanswering it and filling the 60 minutes.

8:12 - He nailed it. The American people already are sacrificing.

8:11 - True, Mr. President. You're asking me to sacrifice the money in my paycheck.

8:10 - F Day I C. What is that?

8:08 - The government not having control of AIG is why things got worse? The line of thinking is downright scary.

8:07 - Apparently the AP requires 80s hair to be a reporter.

8:07 - The girlfriend is sitting next to me and just asked why he's looking down.


8:05 - The teleprompter.

8:04 - Anyone else laughing at the fact that the teleprompter for this opening statement is in the back of the room(out of public view) rather than to his sides.

8:02 - A reporter onsite tweets that unlike last time, reporters were not warned ahead of time that they'd be called upon.

8:01 - An 8 minute opening statement. Cool. That means we can start with a pee break.

8:00 - I'm wondering what it will look like to see a teleprompter walk down the red carpet.

7:59 - The WH is gonna have an online town hall later this week. Borrrrriiiinnnnng.

7:58 - I'm watching this on Fox. Like everyone else.

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