Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gerrymandering: The Game!

Ohio Secretary of State and Senate hopeful Jennifer Brunner today announced a fun new game to help distract Ohioans from the ever-increasing ineptitude of Ohio's elected leadership.
Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has announced the schedule and Web site for a competition that allows Ohioans to submit proposals for redrawing congressional districts more fairly.

Beginning Friday, Ohioans can go to to sign up to participate and be trained on using the necessary software.
3BP has gleefully entered the contest. Click here for our submission -- dedicated specifically to Secretary of State Brunner.


  1. Screw Gerrymandering.

    Congressional election should be at large. If you state has 10 Congress Critters, the top ten vote getters win. If someone leaves, the 11th fills.

    * Everyone has to run a viable campaign. Campaign funds are used to get yourself elected, not shared with some one else because you're in a safe seat.
    * All voters have to learn about the issues and vote for someone based upon the issues, not just those in the very few Gerrymandered competitive 'districts'.

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