Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One last time.


We're still talking about "wanting Obama to fail."

GOP figureheads continue to blindly fall into such a semantic nightmare. Newt. Steele. McCain. And over something so simple.

As we've gone over before here on 3BP, the left, and in turn, the media, is keeping this debate in the news by figuratively replacing "Obama" with "country" when discussing the issue. I must give them credit. They've successfully distracted their opposition and put themselves in a position to pass their all too vulnerable Omnibus appropriations bill without anywhere near the fanfare they experienced with the Stimulus Shit Sandwich.

So here I am -- passing along to our GOP leadership a very simple lesson I learned long ago back at Kenyon under the tutelage of Prof. John Elliott:

You don't have to answer the question.

One of the most important things to know when dealing with the media is that no one remembers, or cares, about the question a reporter asks you. What matters is the answer. Your words are the ones that are quoted in the paper the next day. Your words are the ones repeated over and over again on Fox News. Not the words of the reporter.

So when you are asked, "do you want President Obama to fail?" -- your answer shouldn't even acknowledge the question.

"It's not about that," you say, "it's about wanting what is best for our country. And what is best are lower taxes and responsible government."

See. That was easy. Is it fancy? No. But that's the point. It distracts from the 'fail' topic and enables you to refocus the debate.

Now can we please get back to focusing America's attention on the Democrats' agenda?!



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