Thursday, March 26, 2009

The neverending campaign...

Obama's online town hall is going on right now.

And he's turned the White House into a campaign-style stage.

He's also spent the first 10 minutes doing the exact same thing he did on Tuesday -- talk to a teleprompter.

I hate reruns.


  1. he never wanted to be the President... he wants to be Queen

  2. The problem of a perpetual campaign is it also brings out the opposition voice to strongly counter your efforts.

    It may be if you just focus on getting your job done without all the face time distraction, you may get more done...

    Recent history is a guide here -- The perpetual campaign didn't work too well for Clinton keeping Congress Democratic -- it's likely the same outcome will be Obama's future.

    Clinton, for all his faults, was moderate on many issues, which suited the end result of divided power between the White House and Congress.

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