Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dude. Whoa.

Tomorrow morning the White House is hosting a internet forum where the President answers questions submitted by anyone who wishes to register at the WH website.

Ya think the potheads are making some kinda concerted effort to be heard? This is exactly what I saw when I first logged on.


UPDATE: I decided to go ahead and submit my own. Here it is. Remember, vote early, vote often.

UPDATE II: Miracle of miracles. Obama acknowledged the potheads. But not with an answer they'll like.

It's ok, they're not awake yet, anyway.


  1. DJ Tablesauce:

    It’s unfortunate that you and the President are content with dismissing the arguments of “The Potheads.” Legalization advocates include The Economist, Foreign Policy, a large number of respected economists, law enforcement (through the LEAP organization), and the former presidents of Columbia, Brazil, and Mexico.

    Then you have the President, a man who jokes his way through a deadly serious question, who giggles his way through interviews, and whose policies seem intent on bankrupting the Republic.

    Tell me. Who’s high again?

    AT QB

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