Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheney for.....Congress?

Liz Cheney, the former Veep's daughter, has had her mug up on the television quite a bit in the past couple months.

Clearly, she's trying to build her profile.

And she's kicking butt.

Perhaps she's considering running for something in the near future. A quick googling found that she grew up in Northern Virginia while her Dad was in Congress, went to school in Colorado and her Dad is from Wyoming. While all three could be potential congressional districts for her to run, Colorado Springs and NoVa would be a helluva difficult fight, and Wyoming has a bit of a line for her to wait in.

Anyone have any insight as to her current home? I'd like to see her wielding a little more influence than a few appearances on MSNBC.

UPDATE: A commenter corrected an error of mine. Colorado Springs is in fact part of a conservative district, but one currently represented by a Republican Doug Lamborn. Unless he moves onward and upward, it's hard to see Cheney looking at CO for a run. Also, I'd imagine her old college town being last on the list for a district to run.

: Looks like we beat US News to the punch. Go us.


  1. Do you think that Colorado Springs would be that difficult for her? There's an Air Force base (Peterson) there, so I would think that it would swing in her favor. I also just checked online (because it's the Friday of a holiday weekend and I have time for these types of things), and McCain won that district with 59% to Obama's 40% - seems like a pretty decent margin to me.

  2. I love how conservatives complained when JFK's daughter was being considered for the senate hased on who her father was.

    Now you're pushing Cheney based on who her father was? Both of them understood politics, she's no more politically savvy then Kennedy was.

    Face it, conservatives are hypocritical on almost EVERY issue in politics today. When a Republican senator from Louisiana is caught with a hooker, conservatives say "That's ok, stay in office". When the Dem in charge of New York, "This is inexcusable, he has to go".

  3. Good call, ecm. I didn't do my research! :-)

    Lamborn is the incumbent. I can't see her challenging him, so unless he moves onward and upward, don't count on CO.

  4. Anonymous, you may want to check out their respective backgrounds before criticizing and comparing.


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