Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The HBO Dance is Dead.

For us DC folks, this is a downright tragedy of epic proportions.

HBO has cancelled Screen on the Green.

From DCist:
According to Doninger, the cancellation of Screen on the Green had to do with financial issues involving the premium cable network's sponsorship of the event. HBO is still doing its annual summer film festival in Bryant Park in New York City this year, but the D.C. version won't be happening this summer for HBO.

Whether another sponsor comes forward to resurrect the festival is an open question, but considering the short time frame, we're not optimistic that this summer's Screen on the Green can be saved. HBO has partnered with AOL to sponsor the event since 2001, and was the sole sponsor before that.
Without a doubt, we are now in an economic crisis of epic proportions.

While 3BP contributor Union Station wanted to blame Obama, another friend said it must be Bush's fault. After all, look at Obama's gift to the British Prime Minister. Barack loves movies.

But no matter who is to blame, I will truly miss doing the HBO Dance.

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