Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't fall for it.

Today Obama is announcing a proposal that would set emission limits for cars and trucks nationwide.

It's being reported that this will cost consumers $1,300 more to buy a vehicle. But Obama is selling it with the understanding that the new standards will help Americans consume 1.6 billion less barrels of oil, and in turn, help their energy costs.

So far, the media has been responding with their usual glowing praise.

I found this particularly interesting, especially after a quick googling found thus nugget from MSNBC dated March, 2004.

Now what does ANWR have to do with anything? Well, maybe this quote from the article will help:
Congress has grappled for years over whether to allow oil companies access to the 1.5 million-acre coastal plain in the Alaska refuge, which geologists believe harbors about 10.4 billion barrels of crude.
So back in 2004, 10.4 billion barrels would have "little impact."

But today, 1.6 billion barrels is worth increasing costs on consumers by $1,300?

Don't fall for it.

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