Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not enough.

President Obama will seek to extend the controversial D.C. school voucher program until all 1,716 participants have graduated from high school, although no new students will be accepted, according to an administration official who has reviewed budget details scheduled for release tomorrow.
Once again, it seems the Washington Post is the only piece of the mainstream media that will cover this story.

While I'm glad the President isn't leaving these students out to dry, it just isn't enough. On the campaign trail he promised he would fund 'what works'.

Without question, DC school choice has worked.

We should not be phasing it out.

The good news - we'll gain more data about the program so that we can continue to apply political pressure to keep this program going.

The bad news - this is a shrewd political move by the White House that will prevent the phase out of school choice to gain any traction in the media. Obama has killed the issue, at least for a couple years.

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