Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here they come.

If you live in Ohio, start putting away a bit more cash. It seems Gov. Strickland's 3-month old vow not to raise taxes has already reached its expiration date.
Gov. Ted Strickland has signaled that he'd be willing to discuss raising taxes in negotiations with lawmakers over how to plug a budget gap.


Income tax revenue for April was $322 million below projections, and Strickland's budget director is predicting slow growth, if any growth at all, in the next couple of years.
"Willing to discuss" it? Quit messing with us and just do it, Guv. This is like Strickland debating whether to quickly or slowly rip the bandaid off of the gaping wound that is Ohio's economy.

I guess I get it.

Citizens tight on money? Citizens must tighten their belts.

Strickland-led government tight on money? Citizens must tighten their belts.

Thanks to Gov. Strickland's inaction since he took office in 2007 to make Ohio more competitive, Ohio is now in the midst of a budgetary and economical crisis.

Raising taxes is no way to fix it.

Disagree? If so, hit up the comment page and provide a link to the last time a tax hike saved a ravaged economy.

I won't hold my breath.

h/t: Silverback

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