Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something to make Chris Redfern's Head Explode.

• Kasich leads incumbent Ted Strickland 44%-35%, with 21% undecided
• Portman leads Fisher 39%-33% in U.S. Senate race with 27% undecided
• Portman leads Jennifer Brunner 43%-31% with 26% undecided
Those are the latest numbers on the Ohio races according to new polling firm Wenzel strategies.

Wentzel uses automated phone calls, just like Rasmussen, and the sample of 824 voters is a good, so these numbers may just be legit.

Some of you that were fans of XM's POTUS channel during the Presidential campaign last year may remember Fritz Wentzel as one of the show's hosts.

Democrats will likely scoff, saying this is just a way for a new pollster to get noticed. Possible, but doubtful. If you want to develop legitimacy and respect in the field, you want your numbers to carry some legitimacy. You don't do that by releasing bogus numbers.

Or maybe he's nuts.

But either way, these numbers are better than the alternative. Enjoy it, Kasich fans.

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