Friday, October 31, 2008

100 bucks he says 'pump you up'...

Here's a report from 3BP reporter Duke Buck who is stuck at work in Columbus, Ohio and conveniently placed in the line of sight of the gigantic Ahnuld/McCain rally set for early this evening at Nationwide Arena.

"It could easily be mistaken for a stop on the American Idols tour or summer concert, but it's the McCain-Palin rally at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH. Even though doors didn't open till 3 pm and the show doesn't officially start till 5 pm, lines were wrapping around the stadium at around 2 o'clock. The media trucks were lined up like so many ducks in a row, with their satellite dishes and antennas aplenty. Music was blaring and it looked like a good time was being had in the festive atmosphere, as media types crawled the line for interviews and button sellers hawked their wares."
When I was at McCain HQ in Columbus earlier this week they were hoping to fill all 25,000 seats. Methinks they are gonna top it. Easily.

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