Friday, October 17, 2008

Swing and a miss...

McCain is consistently missing opportunities to hammer Obama by using one of his greatest assets...Sarah Palin. One of the reasons I was pushing for her back in April among my political friends here in DC was that her comparable years in government to Obama would only highlight his inexperience. The difference being she had actually accomplished something. Alas...

But I digress...tonight's miss was a big one. The Late Show.

Letterman was hammering McCain on Palin...saying in times this difficult...with war and a tough someone that inexperienced someone we can trust to lead us?

While McCain defended his running mate well, he should have gone through another person's inexperienced resume....Barack Obama's.

"Dave, you seem hesitant about a woman who has successfully ran the executive branch in one of America's great states...but what you aren't questioning, Dave, are the abilities of a man whose only experience is as a community organizer with ACORN, as a State Senator as recently as 2005, and in a single term in the US Senate where he hasn't even held one hearing on Afghanistan in the only committee he's had an opportunity to lead. You worry about having someone inexperienced in the White House? I've got a name for you. Barack Obama. And THAT is what should make you nervous, Dave."

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