Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Video: Obama 1995 - “Reverend Wright Represents The Best Of What The Black Church Has To Offer”

Since I suck at editing videos will someone please edit together Wright's "God Damn America" speech and this little quote of frightning and altogether rare truthfulness. Please. PLEASE?!?!?!

h/t: Patriot Room

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  1. Hello there,

    What may be shocking to those who are not familiar with the black church is that Dr. Wright is not viewed as a radical preacher among black clergy. He’s not even CLOSE TO BEING in the group of the black radical preachers.

    Dr. Wright is widely and highly respected by black clergy in every black denomination and is respected by black clergy who are in white denominations.

    Criticism of government is commonplace in sermons in the black church.

    Criticism of politicians is commonplace in sermons in the black church.

    Criticism of racism is commonplace in sermons in the black church.

    Launching THOSE criticisms does not brand a black preacher a “radical” among the black church community.

    As for Obama’s association with his pastor, I am a minister and I can ASSURE you that these people join church for many reasons. Many join for social reasons. The content of the sermons is not what is the main draw for many who sit in the pews. Ministers like me would love to think it is the main draw.

    In reality, it isn’t. People join because they want to belong to a community of other black professionals - not because they deeply agree with everything they hear in the sermons.

    Many high profile black professionals spend an entire week at their offices being “the minority” and they show up in church because there is catered breakfast in the fellowship hall and plenty of black executives to relax with and have conversation with before they all trickle up the stairs for the church service.

    This is why, after twenty years, Obama could not even explain black liberation theology. He came to church for other reasons. Plenty of people join the church because they love the children’s program and they want their children …who go to school with white kids all week…to have social interaction with other black executives’ children. This may seem ODD to those whose race is not in the 14% of the nation's population. These ARE some of the reasons why the Obamas join churches like Trinity and can’t even explain the doctrine that is presented in the pulpit!!

    The assumption that many whites seem to make is that black people ONLY forge friendships with blacks whose ideologies they share…this is a preposterous assumption…but I’ve noticed that it has gotten quite a bit of traction this year in the media. They are close friends so THAT means they share the same ideologies! Does it really? Really?

    - Min. Vazquez


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