Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gettin' Screwy in St. Louis!

3BP Liveblogs the VP Debate!

8:54 - Friday morning headline prediction: Conservatives fall in love all over again with Sarah Palin

8:56 - I hope we'll be able to see Palin behind the podium.

8:58 - "Stand up, Gwen! Oh....broken ankle? God love ya!"

8:59 - I think they keep adjusting the angles of the podiums. Eventually the candidates will just be facing eachother.

9:00 - Ok, the audience isn't allowed to cheer...what about you?

9:01 - "Can I call you 'Joe'?" Damn, I love that woman.

9:02 - Joe starts things off and he's discussing the bailooouuuuuZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

9:03 - Sarah looking right into the camera. Perfect. Exactly how you connect. Clinton always did that very effectively.

9:04 - Joe already has the 'oh shit' look.

9:06 - Ok, did they drug Joe? wtf?

9:06 - Ok, maybe he's drunk.

9:07 - Sarah just winked at me.

9:08 - Gwen, you little stinker.

9:09 - After Sarah's answer on the subprime question I sorta feel bad about what I owe on my credit card.

9:11 - Joe seems to have the Tim Kaine weird-eye thing.

9:12 - Good turnaround by Joe on the tax question.

9:13 - Palin grabs that turnaround and slams it right in Joe's frickin' FACE! GAAAHHH!!!

9:14 - Here comes the tax increase question. Palin needs to nail him for the 'paying taxes is patriotic' comment.

9:16 - POW!!! Atta girl.

9:17 - GREAT explanation of the health care plan.

9:18 - Annnnd a good knock by Biden. Way to demogogue, Joe!

9:19 - Sarah seems to do a LOT of writing during Joe's responses.


9:21 - First time Sarah was 'stumped'. And very well managed.

9:23 - Seems to me Joe has had a few more opportunities to follow-up than Palin.

9:24 - Ooo. Bringing up the windfall profit tax. Palin better get a chance to respond or that is a big Biden win.

9:25 - Orrrrrrrrr not.

9:26 - Biden is owning the bailout portion of the debate. Palin needs a topic change.

9:27 - Can we make this whole debate about energy? She's perfect on this.


9:29 - Say 'impact' again, Sarah.

9:30 - Biden brings up coal. Sarah can nail him for his comment in PA re: "no more coal plants."

9:33 - meh...she sorta got it.

9:34 - Hey look! Another Biden follow-up!

9:37 - Foreign policy. Keep your fingers crossed, America.

9:39 - "I didn't hear a plan." Now we should ask him what happened to his plan to split up Iraq into religion based provinces.

9:40 - Talibani?

9:41 - Biden's "what the fuck is this" look makes America want to dropkick him.

9:42 - Hope Sarah was prepped for the "McCain voted against funding" line.

9:43 - Does anyone really believe McCain was wrong on the surge?

9:44 - I'm pretty sure Sarah is writing me love notes.

9:45 - WoT in Iraq was coined by Petraus! BLAMMO!

9:46 - Sarah was ready for Foreign Policy. far.

9:47 - Will someone please smack that crappy smile off Biden's face?

9:49 - She's ready on Israel. One story coming out of this debate will be about how well prepared she was.

9:50 - No one in the Senate has been a better friend to Israel than Biden. Um. Joe Lieberman may disagree.

9:53 - Ooo. Biden is getting pissy. CAREFUL, AMERICA! HE'S GONNA BLOW!

9:54 - Oh wait, maybe he's just punch-drunk.

9:55 - Say "George Bush's" again. Just try it.

9:56 - Oooook yeah she wasn't ready on the Nuke question.

9:57 - There is no way in hell Joe Biden can chew meat with those teeth. They are flatter than my girlfriend in 8th grade.

9:59 - HOLY CRAP! Where did that Afghanistan follow-up answer come from? YEAH SARAH! Biden just had his best 'duhhhh' moment.

10:00 - Bosniacs? LOL!!!11ELEVENTY!!!1!!!

10:01 - Uh oh. Sarah is smiling during Joe's answer. MUUUAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

10:02 - Nice talk about being an outsider, Sarah....and key that you came back to talk about Darfur. Don't want Gwen asking you to actually answer the question.

10:04 - GEORGE BUSH'S!!!!!

10:05 - Sorry.

10:06 - Solid answer by Joe on the 'heartbeat from the Presidency' question.


10:08 - Sarah being Sarah wins over female voters. No question.

10:09 - And Biden is an asshole.

10:10 - SAY IT AIN'T SO, JOE! There...we've got our soundbite of the debate.

10:11 - Sarah knocking NCLB will REALLY help with

10:12 - Sarah has won. It's over.

10:14 - Biden likes touching himself.

10:15 - Ew. Sorry.

10:16 - The most dangerous VP in history? Show some respect, dillweed.

10:17 - Some folks may knock Sarah for her point about the power of the VP.

10:18 - Wtf? The "what's your weakness" question? Seriously? That question was lame even when I was getting interviewed to work at Wendy's in high school.

10:19 - My excessive passion? Laughably lame.

10:20 - Biden: "I'm much better off than you."

10:21 - Getting choked up? Oh come ON!

10:22 - Biden's flailing.

10:23 - And now he's talking about Bork and chairing the judiciarrrrrzzzzzzZZZZZZZ....

10:24 - Sarah: "I caved." D'oh!

10:25 - It's past Joe's bedtime.

10:28 - Shocker. Joe is gonna get the last word.

10:29 - Sarah knocking the MSM. Atta girl.

10:30 - SaaaaaaaaaaLUTE!

10:31 - Annnnnnnnd America turns off their TV.

10:32 - Here comes what really matters. The coverage from the MSM.

Thanks to everyone for following along. I'm confident my headline prediction that I started off with will hold true. Palin proved she could handle the big stage. No major gaffes from either candidate. No knockout blows.

Clearly a Palin win.



  1. Ifill = The Chief from "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" (Lynne Thigpen).

    I actually hear Rockapella in the background every time she speaks.

  2. turn on telemundo. This debate is so boring. It's better in spanish.

  3. I couldn't watch the debate, but I was hoping that Sarah would rock the place wide open. I think the McCain camp has kept her under wraps just for this purpose. We'll see how the MSM spins it in the morning.


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