Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just a few things....

  • Latest ARG polls show positve numbers in Ohio(down 3, within MoE) , Minnesota(down 1) and MO(up 3) but BAD news showing McCain down 8 in West Virginia. Both MN and WV seem to be the outliers here. And ARG has a tendency to be right on or WAAAAYYY off. In other words, who the hell knows....

  • The Ayers attack on Obama from McCain today indicates the campaign has internal polling showing the message is clearly working. The Ayers offensive has been in effect since mid-last week providing ample time for the McCain team to determine whether to discontinue the attack and try something else. With things intensifying that must mean good news.

  • Will everyone please stop saying "take off the gloves", please?

  • The Comedic Timing Award goes to Joe Biden who in response to Gov. Palin’s dig that he’s been in the Senate since she was in second grade said, “That’s true, but she was in sixth grade the last time John had a new idea.”
  • Seriously, Joe? She said that LAST Tuesday. It took you 9 days to come up with that 'zinger'. Lame.

  • A special 3BP hello to the guy who googled "what is 3rd base with girlfriend" and came upon this blog. Good luck, fella.
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