Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can you spare two minutes?

Whose fault was this economic mess? I take you back...back to the time of the Backstreet Boys, when we couldn't wait to see just how amazing the Phantom Menace was going to be, and when we learned the first and second rule of Fight Club....the era of Bill Clinton.

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  1. DJT: "Nobody" cares any more. The likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid have the stage and they are hammering the same unified message. Reminicent of the 1994 mid term elections when Newt's boys got behind a common theme and took over both houses of Congress for the first time in 30+ years. We blew it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and now we are going to face the grim reaper, disguised as the Speaker of the House.

    Now if that's not enough to get the word out on how important this election is and why it is absolutely mandatory to get back to our conservative roots, and basic premises of a free capitalistic society. We have to win this election before we lose the foundation that makes this country what it is, and why we REMAIN the envy of the world.

    Rock On.


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