Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I wish I was right.

This afternoon I was scrolling through some old posts here on 3BP and one in particular caught my eye. It was a post the morning of Governor Palin's speech at the convention and I was wide-eyed with optimism about how the McCain campaign would take advantage of her numerous skills. If only...

Without any further ado, I
One of the difficulties the McCain campaign has faced in fighting back this offensive is their decision to keep Palin out of sight the past few days. I'm sure this was not an easy decision to make and one made out of necesity. They needed to work her hard in order to make sure she would be ready post-Convention.

But tonight will be the true Sarah Palin coming out party. Palin's ability to connect with the average voter is one of her best assets and needs to be exploited from now until Nov4 with fierce abandon. Due to the Palin obsession, the McCain camp will be able to book her anywhere they want....Leno, Letterman, the View, you name it.

McCain's campaign understands the best weapon to fight off the Palin offensive is Palin get ready to see a lot of her.

I'm sure you won't mind.
Sigh. If only.

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