Monday, April 20, 2009

Fistbump Diplomacy

This generation hasn't learned that appeasement doesn't work.

Since they'd rather twitter than read history, they need to observe a modern-day version of it and see how it works.

Many are up in arms about the cordial engagement of Obama towards Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and rightly so. But Obama feels that using new diplomatic tactics like hugs and fistbumps are the way to cool an evil heart.

Fine. Since we aren't going to convince his Administration otherwise, we will sit back, wait, and watch.

In about 3 and a half years we will have an opportunity to gauge its success. At that time if relations are better with Venezuela, economic relationships are improving and the Venezuelan government has substantively improved in the realm of human rights, treatment of dissidents and media restrictions -- then we can say, in this instance, it worked.

But, if we're at the status quo with only symbolic rather than substantive improvements, then we'll know, once again, it is better to hold an evil dictator's feet to the fire than it is helping their favorite book reach the best-seller list.

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  1. I don't disagree, but how is this any different than Bush meeting Putin in 2000 and saying he "saw into Putin's soul?"


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