Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok, I'm impressed.

I'll admit. I was a bit skeptical of how these Tea Parties were going to turn out. Afterall, us conservatives aren't exactly known for picketing/protesting/smelling like hippie.

But it seems turnout at these events has been much higher than expected. The coverage on Fox has been constant, and even though CNN has been their usual snarky douchebag selves, they've still covered the protests, and that's a positive for the movement. It lends the movement credibility, and makes it more difficult to be considered a fringe protest.

The problem with these events has been branding. Rick Santelli from CNBC inspired round two of the 'tea party' name , but it has enabled the left and the MSM to think it's all about taxes, and in turn, build their talking points around it. I think we can all agree first and foremost, this is about out of control spending and a renewed need for fiscal responsibility.

But what's vital at this point is the 'what now...'

What do we start working on tomorrow?


  1. Not starting to pick a fight here, but the out of control spending did start under the past administration, it has simply continued under this one. It's bad on all levels, but where was this outrage years ago? You know, the time where when people dared questioned the administration they were labeled as un American, and that they needed to watch what they say. I understand the outrage over the stimulus package, what I dont get is that there isn't a similar level of outrage over the nearly 700 billion dollars thrown into the black hole that is Iraq since 2001.

  2. Absolutely agree it started under Bush. But I completely disagree that you couldn't question the President on this. I saw outrage at all levels from the right and left regarding those practices.

    But with that said, don't practice false equivalence. Obama's spending spree already far surpasses anything Bush ever pushed through.

    And the reason you don't start wars isn't because of the price tag. But that's another debate.


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