Monday, April 13, 2009

Go away.

Enough already.
If it seems as if every time a cable television news show cuts to commercial, some group with a vague but noble-sounding name wants you to urge your congressman or senator to support or oppose part of President Barack Obama’s agenda, you are probably right.

Television viewers are being deluged by so-called issue ads paid for by corporations, unions, advocacy groups and individuals who have spent a whopping $270 million just since Obama took the oath of office, according to data provided to POLITICO by the Campaign Media Analysis Group.

It’s an unprecedented clip, experts say, a breakneck pace that could yield more than $1 billion in issue ad buys before the end of the year.
To give you some perspective, Obama spent $310 million on television advertising for his ENTIRE CAMPAIGN -- that's over one year. These interest groups have almost equaled that in less than 3 months.

And you thought you were gonna get a break, eh?

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