Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ya sure about that, Terry?

Things have yet to get real exciting in the VA Governor's race, but this twitter post from former Clinton fundraiser/DNC Chair turned candidate Terry McAuliffe made me chuckle a bit.

Note, he has updated his twitter page 110 times and is still only at 950 followers. All this while he's running hard in a contentious primary with two other Dems.

Hate to break it to ya, Terry, but your potential future rival, Republican AG Bob McConnell, has 1,837 followers and he's only updated his page 96 times. All while he sits back, raises money, and watches you Dems rip eachother apart.

Anyone else feeling good about 2009?


  1. Speaking of parties ripping each other apart.

  2. Huh? This post isn't about that.

    What are you talking about?

  3. Although not the focus of the article, internecine democratic infighting is mentioned twice, the second time with some seeming glee.

    "All this while he's running hard in a contentious primary with two other Dems."

    "All while he sits back, raises money, and watches you Dems rip eachother apart."

    Just seems a bit disingenous when your article from the day before bashes the Republicans for THEIR infighting.

    "For shit's sake, Republicans. Stop stepping on eachother's toes."

  4. Wrong.

    A contentious primary isn't infighting. Primaries are part of the electoral process where opponents of the same Party try to show why they are the best choice and why their opponents suck.

    Infighting isn't part of the process and is an, at times, unnecessary aspect of politics - and I mention that in the post you linked.

    Either way, your point is downright silly. I'm a Republican. I want the Democrat in the VA Gov race to lose. Why wouldn't I take glee in seeing Democrats make fools of themselves? Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that's a large part of what I do.

    Finally, blogging isn't reporting. It's giving my opinion. It isn't supposed to be unbiased and I don't have the same responsibilities, and with it, requirements of being a reporter, i.e. being fair to both sides.

    If you don't like it, don't read it.

  5. I think you answered my question adequately in the first, second, and fourth paragraphs of your response. The final line seemed a bit defensive. As for the third paragraph, perhaps it would be more fair and balanced, as the saying goes, for you to change your tagline to "...incessantly mocking all that is Democratic politics."

    As for why I read, I try to keep abreast of a variety of political blogs, and as yours was one mentioned by the post as a good one, I've been following it periodically. The problem with all of the political blogs, on both side, is that they're all giant circle-jerks. "Our guys are great and yours suck." Some so much so that, not to Godwin myself, but their writers would had an easy time in early-40's Germany. If I could find a blog that wasn't hell bent on proving the opponents weren't Satan-spawn, I'd probably read that on a daily basis.

  6. You do realize in the first comment you made that you linked to a post where I knock Republicans, right?


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