Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fistbump me, Mr. Prime Minister

On the day we've learned the President once again brought glory to our nation by giving the Queen of England an ipod, 3BP, with some suggestions from its audience, has provided President Obama with a giftbasket idea for the recently announced Russian summit set for Moscow in July.

You're welcome, Mr. President.

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  1. Obami's gift giving leaves something to be desired. The CD's to Gordon Brown were a total flop so they just ignored all the negative press and went ahead with an IPod for the Queen? She is the QUEEEN for goodness sakes. At least they didn't give her some fresh collard greens from the new white house garden!

    And would someone please tell Michelle Obama to wear something other than a cardigan sweater to meet the heads of state. Jeesh! I don't care if this is her personal fashion statement, it is just downright disrespectful.


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