Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1,100 new permanent jobs coming to Toledo. UPDATED: 450 more in Lorain.


Some great news today out of Toledo.  Governor Kasich and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that the company will invest $500 million in the Toledo plant and add a second shift, which will bring 1,100 new jobs.
“The decision we made clearly demonstrates the confidence we have in the Toledo Assembly complex, in its future, and moreover, in the commitment and quality of work of the people who work here,” Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told a crowd of hundreds of workers as well as dignitaries including Gov. John Kasich, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo), and Toledo Mayor Mike Bell.
Kasich's number one priority is to bring jobs back to Ohio. Jobs are why he won the election, and why Ted Strickland was fired. Take this prophetic post from 3BP 2 years ago, and you start to get an idea of the contrast between the two governors.

A Governor's media operation is the driving force behind the message a Governor wants to send to his constituency. It communicates to the mainstream media each new idea, program, policy shift, and solution coming from the man in charge.

So, after looking at all 151 press releases distributed in 2009, how many address specific state-sponsored policy initiatives, ideas, or programs directly intended to solve Ohio's job crisis?


Just 6% of the Governor's press releases discuss ways Ohio's Governor is working to get his state back to work.
You can be assured that John Kasich considers bringing jobs to Ohio to be much more important than his predecessor. He will be judged on his success in that regard as his term marches on. Here's hoping that his efforts continue to pay off and that today was just a start of more good news to come.

UPDATE: Governor Kasich will also appear in Lorain today for more big jobs news for northern Ohio.
LORAIN — The investment at Republic Steel for the new electric arc furnace is going to be $85.2 million. It is expected to create 449 jobs and generate $1 billion a year in economic activity for Ohio, according to a release from Republic Steel.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Lorain, believe me, this is very very welcome news.

A good day for Ohio jobs.


  1. Yeah, Kasich said let the auto companies die, and Strickland supported bailing them out.

    GM expanded under Strickland, too. The Chevy Cruze is built in Ohio.

    I'm glad Ohio got these jobs, but it was already in the works before Kasich was Governor and only possible thanks to the policies Kasich has opposed.

  2. Not this expansion, Modern. This one was negotiated starting under Kasich.

  3. Bytor you are too kind..

    @Modern is too lazy to do his/her homework and also doesn't understand the basic concepts of the free enterprise system..

  4. You omit that U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur made the announcement, too.

    No, Bytor, this expansion was under discussion with the prior Administration. Regardless, had Kasich and the Tea Party had its way, there wouldn't be a Chrysler to expand in Ohio today.

  5. I'm pretty sure Republic Steel also received stimulus mone... that Kasich opposed. Strike two.

    Kasich before the Issue 2 election: "If Issue 2 is defeated, CEOs won't look to Ohio to expand."

    Strike three. He's out (of touch.)

  6. Note: Both of these companies are union shops. So much for the idea that we have to race to the bottom to get jobs in Ohio, huh?

  7. "Just 6% of the Governor's press releases discuss ways Ohio's Governor is working to get his state back to work."

    Well, if press releases, as the post states, is a measure of a Governor's priorties to get his State back to work, guess what percentage of Kasich's press releases this month meet that bill: 0%

    Check it out yourself on the Governor's webpage. There's not a single press release by his office about jobs. Unless you count the ones where he gave his political allies political appointments.


  8. Modern Idgit,

    who cares if Kaptur was there? She had nothing to do with the deal to bring the expansion. STRIKE 1

    If you are going to claim Ted Strickland started the ball rolling on this latest expansion, you better bring proof. You have none. STRIKE 2

    At the time, the majority of Americans opposed the bailouts. The tea party argument was to let them go into bankruptcy to work out their issues and reorganize. The pro-bailout people said we couldn't let that happen. So, what happened? Chrysler and GM both got bailouts, and what happened next? THEY WENT INTO BANKRUPTCY. Duh! Assuming they couldn't have done so without bailouts is speculation. STRIKE THREE!!

    I count FOUR jobs related news items right there on the front page, and thats just the last week.
    Screen cap:

    STRIKE FOUR. You're out!

    You fail. Again.

  9. Bytor- You said press releases, not press clippings. So you're changing the standards (which you first set) and then declaring yourself the victor. Weird.

    Your understanding of the bailouts and bankruptcy is GROSSLY ignorant. The bailout was so that they could go through Chapter 11bankruptcy (reorganization). Nobody thought the bailout would prevent some kind of bankruptcy protection. The debate was whether these companies should liquidate or reorganize.

    Both of these expansions are directly tied to that auto bailout that Sherrod Brown and President Obama backed and was willing to make the tought decision knowing it was the right, but not popular, thing to do. That was acknowledged by the CEO of Republic Steel at the announcement yesterday.

    Strickland couldn't prevent job losses during a recession that rivaled the Great Depression. Kasich wouldn't have either. But you seem to conveniently forget that steel was already making a comeback in the Valley under Strickland:

    And that he landed the Chevy Cruze for Lordstown, resulting in folks who were laid off returning back to work.

    If you compared the same time periods from a year ago, Ohio gained nearly twice as many manufacturing jobs under Ted Strickland than during the same period under Kasich.


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