Friday, November 25, 2011

Ohio unions still spending members' money weeks after the election

So here we are, weeks after Issue 2 was defeated.  Well, at least we don't have to deal with being bombarded with the political ads anymore, right?


We Are Ohio is still spending money.  Since they are legally allowed to take dues from their members without their consent, they have plenty of sweet sweet dues cash to keep blowing.

Check out this ad in the sidebar.

I've seen these banner ads everywhere. Even on non-political websites and conservative blogs. In fact, since we host a small number of Google ads, I've even seen them here on 3BP. What a waste of money. But hey, the unions don't care. They can keep on collecting those legally mandated dues, even though less than 10% of union members ever even got the chance to vote on whether to join the union or not.

Hey, remember when the OEA decided they would steal even MORE money from teachers to fund their campaign? I wonder how many of them think it was worth it to keep running WAO ads weeks after the election is over.

Speaking of the ads on 3BP, I've been noticing a lot of union ads. I've noticed them from the SEIU and here's one from the thugs at CWA.

When you see them on 3BP, go ahead and click on them. We could use the small amount of money they bring for some future projects, and that money comes out of union coffers. Click often!


  1. Imagine that, yet another lie on this site.

    Union members are required to make PAC donations. You can legally avoid them. Also, the $50 money the OEA collected was approved by a representive council of its members elected by its membership. That's hardly, no say.

    But then again, you'll smear anyone who disagrees with you without the facts. You've already admitted to libeling us in the past this week, after all.

  2. Sorry, that should be, NOT required as the rest of the comment says.

    You can opt out of PAC donations under existing Ohio law.

  3. You can't opt out of paying the union. Oh wait. Is that "anti union rhetoric" Modern? According to you, someone might become radicalized after reading this. Hahaha.

  4. I suddenly feel more radical because of constant anti union attacks on my union and other Ohio public unions by right wing types.

  5. I bet you do. You've consistently shown that you can't tolerate even the slightest of criticisms against unions.

    Point out that people in Ohio in certain jobs have to pay the union whether they like it or not and its "Ahhh!!! STOP ATTACKING MY UNION AHHHH!"


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