Friday, November 11, 2011

Ohio Dems despicable attempt to associate Josh Mandel with Naziism

How can you tell that Ohio Democrats are worried about Josh Mandel's chances of defeating Senator Sherrod Brown, the Senate's most liberal member?  When they start reducing themselves to pathetic and inexcusable attacks in an attempt to damage his character.  They've already begun, and it's downright disgusting.

You may remember Rich Iott, who ran against Marcy Kaptur in Ohio's 9th district last year. Iott used to be involved in historical reenactments of military battles, but the left found pictures of him in a Nazi uniform and accused Iott of being a Nazi. Iott also reenacted American and allied soldiers, but they didn't show you that. Using their same standard, the guys that dress up as Confederate soldiers for Civil War battles must all want to bring back slavery, right? Ultimately, the 9th is an impossible district for Republicans to win anyway (sorry, Joe the Plumber, but it's true), so Kaptur won easily, of course.

Fast forward to 2011. Iott has donated money to Josh Mandel's campaign and Ohio liberals are attacking Josh Mandel for it. Yes, that's right, they're actually trying to smear Mandel by associating him with Naziism and demanding he return the donation. It's pretty sad that they feel they need to sink to this level in an attempt to defend Sherrod Brown.

We've told you before about Sandy Theis, a communications consultant who works for Ted Strickland.
As anyone who's been around the Statehouse for more than a few years knows, she was the queen of hatchet journalism, gotcha stories, and half-baked attacks--and she prided herself on it. She was not popular with her fellow members of the Statehouse press corps, nor her PD colleagues, and she frequently clashed with PD editor Doug Clifton. She's the perfect person to dig up dirt for Ted.
Even the Plain Dealer itself said that "Theis has been a communications consultant involved in a number of the state's biggest and nastiest fights." If it's a dirty, nasty attack coming from the left in Ohio, it likely started with Theis. She still works with Ted Strickland at his political consulting firm, and that's exactly what she is paid to do.

Sure enough, Sandy Theis has been pushing this meme out to the media. Check out the following tweets:

Justin Barasky, press secretary for the Ohio Democratic Party gets in on it too.

And who is the NJDC? The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee tries to portray them as "a Jewish group", but it's actually a Democrat group. Shocking, I know. (Note on their page how they try to portray Barack Obama as a true friend of Israel.)

As if running around calling your political opponents "Nazis" wasn't bad enough, it's especially loathsome to direct it at Josh Mandel, because Josh is Jewish.

In fact, Josh is the grandson of holocaust survivors. His grandmother was hidden by Catholics in Italy during the war. His grandfather, Joe, is Polish and survived incarceration at three different death camps. Joe's parents and 5 siblings were all murdered during the holocaust and he has a Nazi prisoner number tattooed on his body.

All of the people demanding Josh return the donation are far left liberal Democrats, including the NJDC. They aren't offended by the donation at all. They are just pretending to be, so that they can smear him by using his name and the word "Nazi" in the same sentence. It's deplorable.

Sherrod Brown himself has a history of comparing his political opponents to Nazis, even after his wife wrote a column criticizing people for doing it.

As Josh Mandel continues to threaten Sherrod Brown by raising more money, expect his opponents like Sandy Theis and the Democrats to keep slinging mud from the gutter.


  1. You've misspelled "despicable." I will not draw any inferences about Republicans' ability to spell correctly, but it's very tempting.

  2. Actually, yes, my name is Josh Mandel, and I'm twenty years older than the really, I had the name first. (There's also a British expert on Iraq security who's done a lot of work for CNN, also named Josh Mandel...)

  3. Are you just joshing us Josh? But no matter --regardless of how you spell it, democrats are indeed despicable.

  4. I guess Eric Cantor and the Republican Jewish Coalition are "despicable" Democrats, too, since they blasted Iott's Nazi re-enactments?

    Look, yet another factually error-ridden post at TBP...

  5. Hey Modernfail, go ahead and post the links where they demanded Mandel return the donation.

    We'll be waiting.

  6. Um, since Cantor and the Jewish Coalition disowned Iott a year ago, I would presume they would be consistent in still condemning it.

    Unless you've got some evidence that they've come around on this?

  7. I see you didn't include a link that shows Cantor demanding Mandel return his donation.

  8. I see you keep failing basic reading comprehension.

    You keep dismissing this Iott thing as despicable "partisan" attack, while ignoring that last year Eric Cantor and the Republican Jewish Coalition, whose events Mandel regularly attends, blasted Iott's Nazi re-enactments.

    So, clearly, this isn't a partisan issue except to Mandel apologists like you.

  9. Modernfail, you are the one who is having trouble comprehending.

    I described the attacks on Mandel as despicable. Its very clear.

  10. So it was despicable when Eric Cantor and the Republican Jewish Coalition also attacked Iott for the same basis, then? That's all I've been asking.

  11. Honestly, Modern, I was disappointed when Cantor said what he said. He spoke on national tv without having all the facts.

    But its still not "the same basis". Iott did the reenacting in the Nazi uniform. Mandel did not. Yet, you, Theis and others are acting as if he did.


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