Monday, November 28, 2011

Sherrod's Shameful Mediscare Routine

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) doesn’t have a voting record ranked as far left as Socialist Bernie Sanders by accident; Sherrod thinks a bigger central government is the answer to every problem. In this video, Senator Brown applies his trademark class warfare to the issue of Medicare, instructing a gathering of teachers’ union members to indoctrinate their family, friends, and students against cruel conservatism:

Like the first half of Sherrod’s answer to a question about whether privatization of government programs is a Wall Street conspiracy, there is so much stupid in this clip that it’s tough to begin. To his credit, Sherrod Brown is consistent! Sherrod consistently glosses over exploding federal deficits, consistently attributes the worst motives to anyone who tries to limit government’s power, and consistently brags about the wonders of failed Progressive governance.

Even with crippling tax hikes, the government programs whose praises Sherrod sings will bankrupt the nation by mid-century. Even if Medicare did amazing things for every American it served, only a fool or liar would fight reforms to a collapsing system.

This is why I ask, earnestly, my question from the end of the video: Is Sherrod Brown an idiot, or a dishonest idealogue? The brutal effects of Washington spending on America’s economy are plain to see, and unfunded entitlement liabilities total in the tens of trillions. Yet, as our fiscal canoe sloshes toward the falls, Sherrod Brown attacks with a straight face anyone who dares paddle backwards.

Sherrod’s mathematically outrageous and transparently political scare tactics are, like most every policy Sherrod has ever pursued, wrong for Ohio and wrong for America. Next November, Ohio should send Obamacare champion Sherrod Brown packing… along with the guy that awful legislation is named for.

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  1. there is significant evidence that senator brown is simply wrong. the market share of medicare hmos continues to grow. medicare benies are flocking to them. if they were mean and evil the would have failed long ago.
    further the hmos have expanded market share while delivering mandated benefits and making a profit.
    the private sector works the government doesn't. Brown is just too stupid and ideologically blinkered to realize this basic fact.

  2. I love the notation for a Democrat from Ohio... (D-OH) looks like D'oh! Just like Homer Simpson says. Every time we elect a Democrat... D'oh!

  3. Sherrod Brown is as dumb as a rock. He is told what to say by colleagues and unions. We need to send him packing.

  4. I do agree that senator brown has made a mistake. Health issue of people can be never neglected.

    Medicare America


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