Friday, December 3, 2010

Chris Redfern is losing it.

Earlier this week, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern sent out a release mocking Kasich's cabinet selections for, so far, being white.

Well, that didn't sit well with many. And someone spoke up. But it wasn't who Redfern may have been suspecting.

Instead, it was Democratic State Senator, and African-American, Ray Miller.

Redfern may want to tread lightly. After Ohio was labeled by Larry Sabato as "Democrats' biggest black-eye state", Redfern has to already be feeling the heat.

Add this onto the somehow-still-going-on fiasco with getting checks to their "volunteers". From yesterday's Dispatch:
The Ohio Democratic Party says it is resolving cases in which checks paid to people by a vendor for get-out-the-vote work for the Nov. 2 election bounced.

The party hired a vendor that subcontracted with Washington D.C.-based Lancer Group to hire and pay more than 2,000 canvassers statewide. But some checks bounced when the workers tried to cash them.

Sandy Theis, a spokeswoman for the Lancer Group, blamed the problem on funds not being deposited to the proper accounts because of a software glitch at the company.
A software glitch that has lasted a month? Yeah, right.

The embarrassments keep piling up. And when you see major players in your own Party publicly calling out their Chairman, that means things are bad. After all, someone with Sen. Miller's experience wouldn't take this mess public unless he was privately pushed back by Redfern.

Not smart, Chairman. Not smart.


  1. Or lame duck, term-limited Ray Miller is just trying to get one of the few Democratic appointments in the Kasich Administration, so he's sucking up to Kasich. Yeah, that could be it.

  2. Perhaps Messr. Miller would not have objected in Gov. Strickland and Messr Redfern filling the State cabinet with an all White straight cabinet in 2006.

    I wonder whatkind of dignity and civility he would have exemplified. Perhaps within every major county and City Mr Miller would prefer a majority based appointment and employment process.

    Placaters such as Senator Miller should recall history toward fairness and civility was treated
    as complacency and acceptance. What Messr Miller have Chairman Redfern do? Mr. Redfern is a white male fighting for minority rights…how odd. How rich. How crazy is that?

    Mr. Miller should be minimized and disregarded in his own district and community. The Democratic party needs to be gutted of Milleresque leaches, who have limited effect in turning out democratic voters, but have the appearance of wisdom.

    Miller is weak and lazy as is most of his caucus. Mr. Redfern is the most successful State Chairman to grace the State of Ohio. He has provided too much civility and grace toward the Miller caucus...

    Redfern should concentrate on developing better candidates to replace term limited do nothings like Miller.

  3. Kasich's Chief of Staff is a Women, and the Chair of his inaugural is gay. Yep- No diversity.

  4. Wow, you named two people. And the Executive Director of his Inaugural Committee was a convicted public corruption criminal, too.

  5. Hey Modern, you had a blogger on your site who attempted have sex with a 12 year old boy.

    You even supported him for public office.

    You lose any argument against a guy who had a minor criminal offense.

    The election is over. I know the election was not decided by 20 points in Strickland's favor like you said, I know there was an enthusiasm gap like you said there was not one, and I know that Strickland internals were untrue, yet you bought them.

    You said virtually nothing of truth the whole campaign.

    Hang up the blog loser, you suck at what you do.


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