Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Really, Governor?

Ted Strickland gave his final speech today at the Columbus Metropolitan Club.

Reportedly, he stated...
"The foundation of Ohio is stronger now than when I took office."
Really, Governor?

Well here are some other numbers that have changed from when you first took office.

There are 337,371 fewer people with jobs.
There are 267,300 more unemployed Ohioans.
The workforce has shrunk by over 70,000 people.
The unemployment rate has increased by 83%.

Oh, and you left Ohio with the biggest financial disaster it's ever seen.

In what world is that a stronger foundation?

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  1. the world of the GOP? I mean really, who would have thought that it would take only 1 election cycle for Rs to reclaim every elected office in the state after what Gov Taft left us with?

    Thanks Gov!


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